Mrs. Bloom's Mobile

Serving Westchester, Fairfield, Rockland and Bergen counties

Fresh. Convenient. Flowers. That's what we're all about.


Why a Truck?

We are flower experts and have been for a really long time. We scour the planet for the most exquisite blooms and fly them in as soon as they are picked and packaged, ensuring our customers receive the best Mother Nature has to offer.

A few years ago we piloted a ‘Friday Flowers’ office building lobby initiative, a colorful display of the freshest blooms, where we donated a portion of our revenue to Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, NY.

The program was successful beyond our expectations. Building owners, property managers and HR folks who heard about ‘Friday Flowers’ wanted us in their lobbies. We expanded the program to other days of the week as well as holidays. Very quickly, we found ourselves unable to keep up with the demand for our flowers and efficiently accommodate all the locations.

Thus was born the idea for the Mrs. Bloom’s Mobile, a unique floral emporium on wheels offering the convenience of ”at-your-location” fresh-cut flowers. We donate a portion of every sale to local charities and nonprofit organizations. 

Our Flowers

We buy flowers from growers across six continents and fly them in as soon as they are packed, so you can be sure they’re super fresh and long lasting. The Mrs. Bloom’s Mobile always stocks a colorful assortment of seasonal flowers, including some from local growers. Following is just a sample of flowers you’ll find on our truck: