Mrs. Bloom's Mobile

Serving Westchester, Fairfield, Rockland and Bergen counties


If it’s not simple it’s not going to work. Time and again, that’s what we’ve heard from PTA and PTO moms and dads, teachers, principals, church administrators, office managers and other folks involved in fundraising initiatives. 

            Flowers make an absolutely perfect fundraising item. 

Forget candles and gift wraps. Don’t bother with car washes and bake sales. We guarantee there is no easier fundraiser! Our Mrs. Bloom’s Mobile will visit your location – just set up a day and time that works best for your organization. To ensure success, all you’ll need to do is display posters and send out flyers and emails…that’s it! (we’ll forward you templates once you sign up). And here’s a practical reason why our program makes sense… No need to stress out about recruiting a team of fundraiser volunteers and imposing upon their valuable time for multiple meetings. 

We offer participants a lovely variety of flowers at various price points and can recommend prices that will maximize sales and profit for your organization. 

If you are involved with any of the following organizations or groups and need to raise money for equipment, supplies, trips, playgrounds and more, a fundraiser with our Mrs. Bloom’s Mobile is definitely the way to go. 

  • Schools and daycares
  • Sports, cheerleading, debate and chess teams
  • Girl and Boy Scouts
  • Recitals and performances
  • Religious groups

To schedule a fundraiser or for more information, CONTACT US